Staying in Bondi gives you the opportunity at your doorstep to experience one of the most magical swimming experiences in the world, seriously Instagram attractive and famous this is not to be missed.

The pool is open daily except Thursdays, and is the perfect place to swim, rest or sunbake  - there is a great cafe called THE CRABBE HOLE, massage is available and the sauna where locals pack in like sardines and discuss property prices, crypto, corporate take-overs and sport is the ultimate Australian "everyone is equal here mate" environment... a billionaire talking to a local street artist who is jostling for a better view with a celebrity.

Something really special at Icebergs pool - get there at 6am and swim laps as the sun rises, often cold (it's called icebergs remember) then into the hot showers and sauna - this is as magical as life gets and the very best way to start your day.

Small entrance fee payable on entry.

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