THE BLUE Concept is designed to appeal to an emerging class of traveler, one that places a different set of values on conventional stay.

THE BLUE sits somewhere between an AIRBNB and a traditionalhotel, delivers the consistency and high standards of a hotel but theuniqueness and special points of difference of an AIRBNB style accommodation.

We have removed thecostly aspects of a traditional hotel such as room service and concierge and thenreturn this savings via lower room rates and other benefits, this doesn’t suiteveryone but it does resonate strongly with our target market which is thegrowing global entrepreneurial class.

THE BLUE is truly a home-away-from home accommodation conceptfor the young or young-at-heart, it is all about having great space to work, tosleep and to socialise in one of the most dynamic and fun suburbs in the world,and its all about FUN.

If you are seeking someone to carry your bags from the taxi, or room service or  other traditional hotel aspects , then we may not be for you – but if you seek ease of access, no awkward hotel lobby conversations,  better room rates, absolutely the best beds available, superfast fibre internet, stylish room vibes, oversized tv’s and charismatic chesterfield leather couches in your rooms, meeting other likeminded locals and guests over a cocktail or next to you in one of the co-working spaces then this might be what you are seeking.

Set in the very heart of world-famous Bondi, amongst some of this city's greatest dining & bar options, this should be a must for all those travelers seeking a little cultural dive into Sydney's finest.

Designed for a generation of savvy entrepreneurs, the blue hotel blurs lines between social, professional and cultural spaces with a modern and digitally designed hotel. The concept aims to engage, and spark adventure and inspiration. The public spaces designed within the hotel include features to support Optimal productivity and social interaction.

This boutique hotel boasts 33 vibing rooms in 6 different options, created by award-winning hotel designer Azb creative. Each is decked out with modern elements nodding to The love of those main cities across the globe, whilst celebrating and heroing the elements key to our local area.

With it's refined finishes, THE BLUE is a sanctuary for those seeking respite or inspiration for those with a more adventurous agenda.

Designs are refined, sophisticated, yet extravagant and provocative, the rooms are thoughtfully designed down to every last detail, with distinct zones for sleeping, relaxing, working and entertaining and a surfeit of amenities from partners that are both local and internationally renowned.

Such collaborations include exclusive installations by local artists Simon Lekias & James Coe. Teamed with uniforms & wardrobe additions designed by the infamous team at Ksubi.

All guests virtually arrive. With a 100% digital check-in, for convenience and efficiency, Guests can use the in-app chat so that they can settle into THE BLUE on their own terms.

Feel like a rockstar. Check out THE BLUE and enjoy the hospitality & full Bondi experience. We'll see you at the bar for complimentary cocktails from 5 PM or sign up for the amazing activities provided for free for all our guests.

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