Staying at THE BLUE means you are staying in Bondi and therefore entitled to access to the world famous and absolutely free "Bondi Beach Open-Air Gym". Train alongside local legends and the superfit - an early morning session here as the sun is rising is as Bondi as it gets. Featuring council provided fixed bars and stations plus donated free weights and equipment and a crowd of spectators this is an experience not to be missed for either participant or voyeur. Open 24/7 every day of the year - rain, hail or shine.


Another Bondi institution is the early morning soft-sand run, as simple and awesome as exercise can be, simply follow the herd and see if you can do a full lap of the beach or more. Start at any point of the beach, head left or right the path is in the soft sand at the top of the beach following the path of the boulevard, a really incredible work-out and very low impact for those with knee, leg or back injuries to manage.

Bondi Beach also provides a range of other paid for options for the fitness enthusiast... "Beach Fit" below is owned by good friends of ours.

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The glamour gym of Bondi, home to the beutiful people and and base for F45 ask for Nicole or Paul and let them know you are staying at THE BLUE for a special day pass


The new kid on the block and incredibly popular with locals, their circuit sessions are intense.

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