B L U E  D O L L A R $ T E R M S &

Our ethos is about experience and there is no better way to splash out and give our book direct guests $50 of BLUE currency to make theirstay the best it can be. Let us tell you about our BLUE DOLLAR$

BLUE DOLLAR$ is our own currency at THE BLUE that requires the note to bepresented physically to be redeemed.

How can I get BLUE DOLLAR$?
BLUE DOLLAR$ are issued by the hotel for all direct bookings.

When do you receive BLUE DOLLAR$?
Your BLUE DOLLAR$ will be in your room on your arrival.

What is the validity of BLUE DOLLAR$?
BLUE DOLLAR$ are valid for 7 days from the issue date.

What is the currency of BLUE DOLLAR$?
BLUE DOLLAR$ are regarded as $1 for $1AUD

Where can I spend my BLUE DOLLAR$?
BLUE DOLLAR$ can be used for food & beverages at Italo House andon BLUE merchandise sold in the Living Room.

Guests can use their BLUE DOLLAR$ at Italo House from Tuesday till Sunday. Guests must notify staff on arrival that they intend to use BLUE DOLLAR$ and seating in busy times may be delayed.

Do I need my physical BLUE DOLLAR$ to purchase?
BLUE DOLLAR$ are a currency treated as cash.  This means that the physical BLUE dollars is required for the purchase.  We do not accept digital images, serial numbers, or copies. Without the physical BLUE DOLLAR$ the purchase will not be processed.

How many BLUE DOLLAR$ can be spent in one transaction/one day?
There is no limit to the number of BLUE DOLLAR$ you can spend in one transaction.  The issuer reserves the right to change or modify the valueof the transaction and purchase terms.

Can I split my BLUE DOLLAR$ by spending a portion of my purchase in Italo and on BLUE merchandise or on BLUE accommodation and can I get change?
BLUE DOLLAR$ must be used in a single transaction for the goods orservice.  The purchase can not be made over multiple goods and service outlets throughout THE BLUE. The purchase can not be redeemed for cash, acredit or currency change.  The issuer reserves the right to change ormodify the value of the transaction and the redemption/purchase terms.

What are other terms and conditions that I should know about for BLUEDOLLAR$
~ THE BLUE Pty Ltd is the issuer of BLUE DOLLAR$.
~ DOLLAR images are for illustration purposes, and are not substituted for realcash.
~ BLUE DOLLAR$ are not exchangeable for cash and are valid for one presentationor transaction only.
~ BLUE DOLLAR$ can not be replaced or accepted if damaged, defaced, expired,lost and / or voided.
~ The issuer reserves the right to change the product and or service and or amend the terms of use without prior consent
~ To receive the $50 BLUE DOLLAR$ booking must be made directly with THE BLUEvia theblue.com.au, email or phone.
~ Bookings must be a 2 night minimum stay consecutive stay.
~ BLUE DOLLAR$ have a 7 day validity from the issue date.
~ The issuer reserves the right to change or modify the value, the goods andservices applied as well as the redemption and purchase terms.

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